This blog post from Living Cities reflects on 4 key lessons learned one year into the implementation of the Integration Initiative, which seeks systems-level change for low-income populations.

Four Lessons From The Integration Initiative

Two years ago we began designing the Living Cities Integration Initiative with the belief that the problems faced by low income people today are simply too large and too complex for one sector to solve alone. We understood that collaboration was a much needed tool for achieving collective impact and that only by aligning the efforts of many actors working on pieces of the problem would we be able to create meaningful and enduring change in America’s cities. While the need for collaboration is clear, many cities and organizations struggle to build the kind of resilient, cross-sector partnerships that can fix broken public systems and not just create small scale “workarounds.” One year into the implementation of the Integration Initiative we’ve learned these four important lessons that can serve as guiding principles for those wanting to collaborate for innovation and impact.