The team at CoCreative is pleased to present our new Collaborative Innovation Roadmap, also available as a printable PDF that shows each overlay as a separate slide. This May, we’ll offer a large (2x6 feet) version of the roadmap printed on polypropylene with overlays on transparent film. Let me know if you’d like us to alert you when the printed version is available.

Basic Roadmap
The base map shows the key stages and steps of the Collaborative Innovation process, from defining a clear intent to scaling solutions.

Collaborative Innovation Basic Roadmap

Success Factors Overlay
This overlay adds the key success factors at each step that your initiative should achieve before moving to the next step. For example, if you haven't drafted at least a rough working goal that is big, specfic, meaningful and timebound, then choosing a design team might be premature.

Collaborative Innovation Roadmap, Success Factors Overlay

Patterns Overlay
This overlay shows the common patterns or dynamics that tend to show up along the way, such as when certain tensions are likely to show up, so that you can address them proactively.

Collaborative Innovation Roadmap, Patterns Overlay

Work Products Overlay
This final overlay shows some of the most common work products that are created to support the work along the way, such as an interview guide for leaders to use when interviewing stakeholders of the work.

Collaborative Innovation Roadmap, Work Products Overlay

To get a closer look, check out the attached PDF version.

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