How can collective impact initiatives leverage advocacy and community organizing to create more equitable systems and policy outcomes? A new research study, commissioned by the Collective Impact Forum, and produced by Frontline Solutions, explores this question and more.

The new report, Rebalancing Power: Examining the Role of Advocacy and Organizing in Collective Impact explores three key questions:

  • How can advocacy and community organizing strengthen collective impact efforts and why aren’t they used more frequently?
  • How can collective impact efforts become more effective at changing power structures?
  • What promising strategies used within collective impact efforts can create systems change?

Through research and interviews, the Frontline Solutions team identified a set of key recommendations and learning questions for collective impact initiatives to consider. Recommendations include: embedding the values of community organizing into your collaborative’s structure and strategy, creating the conditions to engage in advocacy efforts to impact policy change, and building strong relationships with grassroots organizations.

Read the full report Rebalancing Power by clicking on the download link on the left of this page.

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