This briefing booklet was created by FSG for the Rio Grande Valley Focus working groups to summarize national best practice research and strategies to help achieve the goal of ensuring that all high school graduates are able to transition successfully to postsecondary education. While strategies and programs are highly context specific, creating a document like this is a great best practice for other CI initiatives because it gives a starting place for work groups to identify their priorities.

Rio Grande Valley Collective Impact

Research and Strategies to Support the Goal of Strategy Group 2:

All High School Graduates are Able to Transition Successfully to Postsecondary Education


Briefing Booklet

November, 2012

About This Booklet

This booklet presents a compendium of research, national best practices, and case studies intended to complement and build upon currently identified strategies to support the goal of Strategy Group 2, that all high school graduates in the Rio Grande Valley are able to transitions successfully to postsecondary education. Some of these strategies are best implemented by individual institutions, while others are best implemented across institutions or at a regional level. Also, should Strategy Group 2 prioritize any of these strategies, the group should spend time discussing how those approaches would need to be adopted for the specific context of the RGV.

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