This paper from the Community Center for Education Results summarizes the work of the first phase of the Road Map for Education Results, a collective impact initiative aimed at dramatically increasing student achievement - from cradle to college and career - throughout South Seattle and South King County. It is valuable for understanding the process and design of a collective impact initiative.

The Road Map for Education Results
South Seattle & South King County
2010 Summary Paper
January 2011

The need is great. The time is now.

For students in the greater Seattle region, the future should look bright. They will grow up in a region with a highly knowledge‐based economy and one of the best‐educated workforces in the nation. Yet for many of the more than 115,000 students growing up in South Seattle and South King County, education results are shockingly poor.1 A staggering 50% of Washington’s children are not ready to succeed when they enter kindergarten.2 Once in the K‐12 system, our children fare no better – for instance, less than half of the students in South Seattle and South King County meet standards in 7th grade math.3 The struggle persists beyond the K‐12 system; only 27% of students from this region complete a college degree or credential.4