To explore the key roles investors can play in rigorous collective impact partnerships, StriveTogether collaborated with Grantmakers for Education to author this report, “The Role of Investors: Lessons Learned on Critical Roots that Drive Quality Collective Impact.”

This paper discusses three key lessons learned from conversations with philanthropists engaged in on-the-ground collective impact initiatives across the country. In summary, they learned that investors can help communities by:

  • Adopting and embracing a different mindset. Quality collective impact requires investors to roll up their sleeves with partners to identify the ways they can best engage to achieve impact. Engaged investors can lead to a dramatic shift in the way investors operate as a collective impact partner in any community.investor impact
  • Building the connective tissue. Through their networks, investors can help build the cross-sector connections needed to achieve collective impact and build civic infrastructure.
  • Investing in leadership. Investors experience training leaders within their own organizations can help lift up and support leadership development for those driving collective impact.

To learn more about each of these lessons and the role investors can play in quality collective impact work, download “The Role of Investors: Lessons Learned on Critical Roots that Drive Quality Collective Impact”.

Lessons outlined in this paper were drawn from a panel session StriveTogether and Grantmakers for Education co-hosted at the Collective Impact Forum’s May 2014 “Catalyzing Large Scale Change: The Funder’s Role in Collective Impact” conference in Aspen, Colorado.

During the session, five panelists from the investor community shared their perspectives and experience in working with collective impact. The panel used the StriveTogether Theory of Action – a hypothesis for quality collective impact developed by over 30 communities building cradle-to-career partnerships – to reflect on the role of investors at various stages of development.