This report from the Forum for Youth Investment describes a framework of common outcomes and indicators for youth that was developed by the National Collaboration for Youth through a comprehensive survey of multiple youth-serving organizations among its membership.

A Shared Vision for Youth
Common Outcomes and Indicators

Problems affecting kids are well-documented. How do we know how well children in a given community are progressing, considering that school, child care, afterschool programs and so many other community resources are a part of kids’ lives? Are there desirable outcomes for all children that the entire community is aiming for? There should be. The National Collaboration for Youth, which is the longest-standing coalition of national agencies committed to positive youth development, has begun to tackle this challenge and we’ve documented our findings in this publication.

While there are many variations in what NCY members do and why they do it, every member operates under the basic tenets of youth development. As a natural leader in the youth development field, the National Collaboration for Youth (NCY) is working with many of its members to articulate a shared vision for young people by identifying a common set of youth outcomes and indicators that cuts across the work of member organizations. Though there are commonalities in how many NCY members talk about their goals and impact, the lack of shared language across the field leads to missed opportunities for collaboration, alignment, and collective impact.

An internal survey conducted in 2010 confirmed that many members are working toward common positive youth development goals, and that some are interested in collaborative measurement work that could enhance efficiency and have important implications for accountability, quality  improvement, workforce development and ultimately, community change. Though the survey revealed many common interests, to date, national organizations have mounted individual efforts to define and measure outcomes, at considerable expense. Therefore the NCY Research Group took on the task of building a common framework of youth outcomes and corresponding indicators that would reflect the range of developmental areas that youth organizations focus on.

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