This case study, contributed by the Forum for Youth Investment, describes how an action team convened stakeholders from across Massachusetts to create a master plan for all young people. This coalition of over 100 organizations carried out a series of “groundbreaking conversations” and pored over data to agree on a set of desired youth outcomes and strategies to achieve them.

Crafting Clear Goals for All Massachusetts Children and Youth

How a statewide team created a shared set of desired outcomes for youth.

Despite impressive accomplishments in education, employment and social services, Massachusetts has been unable to shake a persistent threat to its future growth and the strength of its families: huge gaps in well-being and readiness among different youth populations. It was not fulfilling its promise ‘to prepare all students to be lifelong learners and successful, contributing citizens in a world economy and global society.’

Every State Can Identify with the Troubles That the Bay State Saw:

  • High school graduation rates of 87% in one town, 40% in another
  • 20% of white children live in single-parent families, while 58% of African-American and Latino children do
  • 32% of children live in homes where no parent has a full-time, year-round job.

In the past, policymakers had consistently thrown money and programs at individual problems, with uneven and short-lived results. To fulfill its duty to its citizens, the state needed better returns on its investments. Improving outcomes for all youth required statewide, systematic improvements for young people and their families. Massachusetts needed a new approach...

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