Talking the Walk is a communications manual from The Partnering Initiative for Partnership Practitioners that highlights the realities of communicating in partnerships. Each chapter includes a narrative as well as a number of boxes and tables giving examples or Practitioner Tips.

The Partnering Initiative (TPI) – a global programme of the International Business Leaders Forum (IBLF) – is now widely regarded by all sectors for promoting rigour and good practice in cross-sector partnering for sustainable development. A major element in our work is producing practical tools and guidelines that are accessible to practitioners from all sectors, locations and cultures. Among our key publications are a series of guides that deal systematically and, we hope, authoritatively with partnership issues without being overly academic or theoretical. Talking the Walk: A Communication Manual for Partnership Practitioners is the fourth in the series.

This publication represents more than a year’s work, and whenever our enthusiasm showed signs of flagging, the encouragement, patience and confidence of our fellow contributors kept us going. Huge thanks are owed to all of them. Three people deserve special mention for their help in getting financial support to make the whole project viable.Without Maria Bobenrieth of Nike, Michelle Commandeur of ANZ Bank and Rafal Serafin of the Polish Environmental Partnership Foundation, there would quite simply be no book.

The first seven chapters in Talking the Walk look in detail at the realities of communicating in partnership. As well as narrative, each chapter contains a number of boxes and tables giving examples or “Practitioner Tips”. Near the start of chapter 7 (pages 58-59), you will find a diagram outlining the communication aspects of the Partnering Cycle. Chapter 8 comprises nine tools that you can use or adapt for your own purposes.