The growth of collective impact initiatives around the country gives rise to this dilemma: What happens when several initiatives in one community pursue overlapping missions, members and audiences? How can they reduce competition and redundancy, and increase impact? The Forum for Youth Investment shares lessons from its work with communities to align multiple collective impact efforts, and then turns to two cases studies: Leaders from Northern Kentucky will explain how several education-focused initiatives aligned through one backbone organization, while Bartholomew County, Ind., shows how three local partnerships aligned their goals and indicators, and identified areas for joint work.

This webinar, held on Wednesday, November 5, 2014, further explored the themes discussed in the article Aligning Collective Impact Initiatives.

Download the webinar presentation with the link on the left of this page.


  • Merita Irby, co-founder and chief operating officer, the Forum for Youth Investment
  • Polly Lusk Page, executive director, Northern Kentucky Education Council
  • Karen Pittman, president and CEO, the Forum for Youth Investment
  • Marianne Schmidt Hurtt, Senior Vice President and Regional Manager, PNC Bank
  • Mark Stewart, President, United Way of Bartholomew County

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