The Collective Impact Forum team continues the deep dive into "getting started in collective impact" with a look at what key factors to have in place when you and your partners are planning to launch a new collaborative effort.

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Episode Notes

Jen, Robert, and Tracy go into the topics of getting ready to launch a collective impact effort, including exploring the question of “How do I know if the collective impact approach is the right approach to take for my collaborative?”

Episode Contents:

2:35: Robert and Jen share a few of the conditions that can be helpful to have in place when deciding whether or not to use this approach on a social change issue.

7:48: Jen and Robert discuss what it means to bring in a variety of “interventions,” both relating to single programs and also the overarching system the programs are working in.

11:56: Jen dives into how and when population size matters when planning collaborative work.

14:10: How does collective impact work across issues?

15:59: Does geography play a big role when doing collaborative work?

19:20: Robert and Jen dive into four “readiness factors,” how they affect a collaborative effort, and what happens when some of these factors are hard to put in place.

21:05: Bringing in influential Champions (and how you find them)

25:17: Galvanizing urgency (and what happens when your partners don’t feel that same urgency that you do?)

28:35: Building resources to get started- does that just mean money or does it mean something else? And do you need the resources to get started or can you start in order to get resources?

31:45: Having a history of collaboration- why it can help and what to think about if past collaborations in your community have not worked out well (and what does that mean for future collaborative efforts.)

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