A tool for funders to use as they think about their own work in the context of the collective.

It can be easy to get bogged down in the details of an evaluation process. From deciding which evaluation method best fits your activities and answers your questions, to determining the channels for data capture, to developing accurate and measureable indicators. However, collective impact evaluation offers a unique opportunity for grantmakers to evaluate how they show up in the larger system they are working to change. Engaging in collective impact exposes participants to different perspectives on the issue and different points of entry to the solutions. In doing so it should, and does, expand each participant’s thinking about the problem. As a grantmaker engaged in collective impact, you may find yourself asking questions about your organization’s theory of change, wondering if your organization is asking the right questions, and re-thinking how and where you make grants. This tool and post explores how grantmakers can apply triple loop learning evaluation to their collective impact work and gain new understandings that can improve their overall organizational impact.

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