This webinar explores lessons learned from funders practicing openness within their organizations, with their grantees, and with other community stakeholders.


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  • Robert Albright, Director of Programs, Collective Impact Forum
  • Kimberly Bash, Program Director, The Findlay-Hancock County Community Foundation
  • Perry Gunn, Executive Director, Teamwork Englewood
  • Bill Koll, Director, Communities Program, Robert R. McCormick Foundation
  • Ron McClain, Executive Director, Institute of Mental Hygiene

About this webinar

With support from the Fund for Shared Insight, the Collective Impact Forum has worked closely with eight grantmaking organizations in an “Action  Learning Lab” for improving foundation openness.

This webinar shares lessons learned from the action learning cohort, including practical insights for funders and how they engage with their grantees.

Participants will hear findings from the recently released report, Advancing Funders’ Openness Practices, summarizing the implications from the action learning projects, including practical insights on internal openness practices (e.g., Board buy-in around collective impact) and external openness practices (e.g., engaging and building relationships with grantees and community stakeholders).

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