What do we know about the practices that lead to positive systems and population changes in collective impact initiatives?

Join us on Tuesday, May 15 from 3pm – 4:30pm ET for this free webinar to explore actionable insights gleaned from an in-depth study of 25 collective impact sites. We will discuss what we learned about the implementation of the collective impact approach, the ways in which  equity practices and capacity contribute to outcomes, and how early changes and system changes contribute to population level impact.

Webinar Materials: Download a PDF of the presentation at the link to the left of this page. One-pagers from the research study are also available for reference. (To download resources, you will need to login to your Forum account.)

Webinar Recording:

Webinar Presenters

  • Terri Akey,  Director, ORS Impact
  • Lauren Gase,  Senior Researcher, Spark Policy Institute
  • Jennifer Splansky Juster, Executive Director, Collective Impact Forum
  • Sarah Stachowiak,  CEO, ORS Impact

Webinar Resources: