Collective Impact Coaching Support and Other Resources

Posted 23 days ago at 10:09 pm

Drawing from our field-wide consulting, knowledge, and experience, the Collective Impact Forum – along with partners at the Aspen Institute and FSG – offers tailored coaching services to help you navigate specific challenges such as scoping a common agenda, centering anti-racism, sustaining momentum, and authentically engaging the community.

We provide customized workshops, recurring coaching calls, and review collective impact planning and implementation materials through our coaching and technical assistance to initiatives at all stages of a collective impact initiative lifecycle.

If sounds useful for your own work, you can read more about our coaching services here or in the PDF attached to this post, and contact me at to learn more.


Resources for Collective Impact Coaching and Technical Assistance

Posted 3 years ago at 10:09 pm

Do you need support building your capacity or your partners’ capacity to effectively plan and implement collective impact? Are you looking for help making the case to funders and partners about the impact of collective impact? If so, the Collective Impact Forum and several of our national field-building partners are available to provide collective impact coaching and technical assistance for you and your collective impact partners.

The corresponding PDF document (see link) provides more detail on several organization’s collective impact coaching and technical assistance offerings, qualifications, resources, and contact information. This compilation of collective impact technical assistance providers is not meant to be an exhaustive list of coaching resources. We are only listing organizations that have a multi-year partnership with the Collective Impact Forum, such as a co-catalyst or an organization that has co-partnered on multiple field-building projects with the Collective Impact Forum.

Don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions.

Robert Albright, Director of Programs, Collective Impact Forum