Project Management Software?

Posted 3 years ago at 7:18 pm

Hi all! I'm a little over six months in to managing a new early childhood initiative in my community, and thinking some project managment assistance would be a good thing at this point. Does anyone have a project managment software tool you're using that you really love and would be willing to chat about and recommend? Thank you!!


Online Project Management Software/Communications Dashboard

Posted 7 years ago at 7:18 pm

Hello all, I'm looking for two things:

1. Is anyone using 'project management' software of any kind to share messages, calendars/timelines, documents that multiple partners might be working on, and as a place to have a home for the many documents and agreements created in Collective Impact work. If so, can you share what it is, whether or not your partners are actually utilizing it, and how you secured buy-in? I've used Basecamp before for a non-CI effort, but I'd like to find a real-life example for a CI effort.

2. Have you developed a 'communications dashboard' (might also be referred to as a 'communications plan') that gets really, really into the weeds about how you're managing the continuous communication piece as a backbone?

Thanks so much!