• It starts with a common agenda.

    That means coming together to
    collectively define the problem
    and create a shared vision to solve it.

  • It establishes shared measurement.

    That means agreeing to track
    progress in the same way, which
    allows for continuous improvement.

  • It fosters mutually reinforcing

    That means coordinating collective
    efforts to maximize the end result.

  • It encourages continuous

    That means building trust and
    relationships among all participants.

  • And it has a strong backbone.

    That means having a team dedicated
    to orchestrating the work of the

  • Principles of Practice

    • Design and implement the initiative with a priority placed on equity.
    • Include community members in the collaborative.
    • Recruit and co-create with cross-sector partners.
    • Use data to continuously learn, adapt, and improve.
    • Cultivate leaders with unique system leadership skills.
    • Focus on program and system strategies.
    • Build a culture that fosters relationships, trust, and respect across participants.
    • Customize for local context.
  • All of these conditions together
    can produce extraordinary results.

    Collective impact takes us from common goals
    to uncommon results.

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